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Joint Stock Company „Joniškio baldai“ („Joniskis Furniture“) designs and manufactures nonstandard furniture for house, office, hotel, library, kindergarden, etc.

We do measurement works, design furniture, give consultations for technical issues, help to choose material and furniture fitting when it is convenient for customers.

The main our task is to offer you the product of the best price and quality meeting your individual needs. We bring and install furniture of customers from Lithuania and Latvia for free.

The company was established in 2001.

We successfully implement  partially financed projects organized by Labour Market and European Eunion.

200 aquare meters shop-exposition was opened in 2009. There you can not only buy the furniture, but also to book the desirable furniture, choose and apply domestic appliances.

The customers say, they choose Joint Stock Comapny „Joniškio baldai“ due to the relationship of the best quality and price.

The production of Joint Stock Company „Joniškio baldai“ is for lovers of comfort!

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